ZOOM! Tooth Whitening Prior To Dental Implants Is Ideal

The great majority of Harrell Dental Implant Center patients prepare for their treatment well in advance. This is beneficial because it is ideal for patients to have their existing teeth whitened ahead of their implant therapy. Doing so enables Dr. Robert Harrell and his staff to match patients’ new implant crowns to their post-treatment shade of brightness. HDIC offers ZOOM! whitening, which can lighten teeth up to seven shades with a single application.

The process of combining whitening and implants — in that order — is considered a best practice by most reputable implant providers. Below you can see what other dentists have to say about it:

Thoughts On Teeth Whitening: Is This Possible After Getting a Dental Implant?

Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi says:

Yes, you can get teeth whitening after your dental implant and crown have been done already. It does not affect the implant nor the crown. The ideal approach, however, is to do the whitening first and then have the crown made for the implant. That way the dentist can match the color much better to the whitened teeth.

Dr. David E. Azar says:

You can do whitening after having a dental implant, it will not effect the implant as long as it is fully integrated. But keep in mind that if you already have a crown on that implant the porcelain will not get whitened. If the crown is visible it may have to be replaced to match the new lighter color of your teeth.

Pre-planning For a Brighter Smile

With the luxury of time on our side, we can set a plan to whiten your natural teeth first so that your new dental implant can be perfectly matched. This is important whether you are receiving a single dental implant or a dental implant bridge to replace multiple teeth. (If you are getting an All-on-4 appliance for full-mouth restoration, there is obviously no need to worry about matching shades.) Whitening your teeth is ideal since studies reveal that a bright smile can take more than a decade off your appearance. But, if you already have implants, crowns or other cosmetic enhancements, you shouldn’t whiten your smile without your dentist’s approval. Learn more below:

How Fabricated Teeth Respond to Whitening Treatments

For patients who have crowns, veneers, dental implants or bridges, whitening fabricated or modified teeth is something you need to consider before starting a whitening treatment. Why is that? Because many different dental materials such as those used in restorations or cosmetic treatments will not respond to whiteners. In fact, the whitening treatment could actually damage your fabricated teeth. Especially if the restoration is old, leaky, or the tooth around it has started to decay again. You may start to experience sensitivity, burning, or tissue irritation simply from an over-the-counter whitening kit.

Some superficial stains, such as those caused by tobacco or coffee may lift off of your crowns or tooth-colored fillings. But, you should never start a whitening routine without first checking with your dentist and having a thorough exam of your teeth and restorations. You want to be sure that you won’t damage your natural teeth or fabricated teeth during the whitening process.


Create a Comprehensive Plan

Tell Dr. Harrell if you are hoping to have your smile ready for a specific event, such as a wedding, holiday party or speaking engagement. Knowing your target date will help him schedule your treatment. Each client is different in terms of healing and contraindications. Certain lifestyle habits, such as smoking, and taking some medications can affect healing rates and abilities. It is vital to discuss these potential complications and follow all pre- and post-operative instructions for the ultimate results. If you are considering teeth whitening along with your dental implant therapy, we are happy to coordinate your treatment for the optimal outcome.

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