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Sharyn was the keynote speaker at the Psychology Foundation of Canada Annual Breakfast (November 2006) Click here to read her speech.

Crossroads can be planned or they come unexpectedly. If you are experiencing change in your life or work, and this is an important crossroads, you may be at the start of a new transition. Transitions allow you to reframe your work life, and adapt your personal life. Transitions help to build the foundation for what comes next. These experiences become a story, your own Transition Story.

When transitions are prompted by unplanned or unexpected events or circumstances, it is the heart that feels the impact first. Courage of the Heart helps you move beyond the initial shock, despair or sense of confusion.
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When transitions involve choosing a new direction or setting new priorities, you need to develop a strategic plan that maps out the steps required to bring about the desired shift. Courage of the Mind gives you the fortitude to stick to the path.

I LOVE your book its unique combination of heartfelt personal experience and practical suggestions. I have already suggested it to a couple of people, and I'm sure it will continue to be a valuable resource that I will pass along to others.

Toronto Psychologist

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