about the book : living through transitions
Harnessing your courage at a personal crossroads
By Dr. Sharyn Salsberg Ezrin, Psychologist

Anyone facing an unplanned work or life transition, or deciding to plan one, will benefit from reading Living Through Transitions . As an applied psychologist, I faced an unexpected health crisis that led to my having to rebuild my work and life over a period of three years. This book originated from the discovery that many other baby-boomers like me had stories of their own transitions.

I offer advice on facing an unplanned transition to help you understand how the process can become healing or beneficial. I also offer a framework for planned transitions, an approach I have used and developed over the years in my professional practice. The book is enriched by inclusion of transition stories I collected during in-depth interviews.

Ultimately, I believe a work or life transition is an end in itself, not just a means to an end. In this book, I show that the key to moving through and beyond a crossroads in your life is to treat the transition as a time to build a new foundation for whatever comes next.


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Living Through Transitions Harnessing your courage at a personal crossroads

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“Congratulations on writing a book that will have positive impact on so many people's lives. I'm in awe of your Zen way of dealing with what life throws you — and you are giving back tremendously by writing this book."

— Toronto communications leader


“In executive search, I meet many people grappling with a professional transition. Their journey will greatly benefit from this book, helping them develop courage of the heart in dealing with the unexpected, and courage of the mind in pursuing their plan. Dr. Salsberg Ezrin becomes their personal career coach, offering key action points backed by worksheets and rich stories of lived experiences, which include her own.”

— Andrew J. MacDougall, President, Spencer Stuart Canada


“This is an inspiring book that has a holistic approach to life transitions. Through her personal and professional experience, Dr. Salsberg Ezrin brings a distinct wisdom to the entire process, respecting the impact on our well-being and our relationships, and focusing on the importance of self-awareness. The stories provide us with reassurance and hope that one can emerge from life's most difficult times with a renewed sense of spirit and courage. There are wonderful lessons to be learned from reading this.”

— Dr. Jennifer Bayani, D.C., Dipl. Acup., Chiropractor and Acupuncturist

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