“Congratulations on your book! It's really interesting — and a great tool for any sort of life change. I'm sure lots of people will find it thought-provoking and useful, considering we're always going through a transition of some sort. It's well written and accessible -- not an easy thing to accomplish.”

— Toronto author

excerpts from selected press:

Toronto Star - Page D12 - Saturday September 16, 2006
Title - Managing Career Crisis with Courage

Janis Foord Kirk

“ Transitions are Sharyn Salsberg Ezrin’s stock in trade. A Toronto based organizational psychologist and executive coach, she has often helped people manage complex career transitions, be they chosen or imposed.”

“Ezrin draws a clear distinction in her book between transitions that are planned and those that arrive unexpectedly, driving home the point that, in either case, it takes considerable courage to manage the fallout.”

“To emerge from them stronger and healthier, Ezrin says, it’s essential “to see the experience itself as something that is meaningful, a specific chapter in your life. If you see it as something you have to get through as fast as possible, you may not end up in a better place, in a situation that is sustainable.”

Toronto Star - Page A19 - Sunday May 14, 2006
Learning to cope with life’s big changes

Ellen Roseman

“Sharyn Salsberg Ezrin, a Toronto psychologist, knows all about transitions. She lived through a few of her own, including a severe outbreak of arthritis in the fall of 2000. She had to accept that she would never be the same again, even when the arthritis went into remission.”

“The process of redefining my work and personal life changed me as much as the disease itself, if not more”, she says in her new book, Living Through Transitions (Trafford, $21.95). “

“The activities that are sustainable continue to bring meaning and purpose to how you live and work”.


The Globe and Mail - Page C2 - Wednesday, February 8, 2006
In transition: How to cope with the change blues

Judith Timson

“Dr. Salsberg Ezrin differentiates between unplanned transitions, which hit your heart first, and planned transitions (a move, starting a new business, for example) which call on your mind. “

“ I like her insistence that survival is in the deep well of calm that comes from adhering to old routines or starting new ones that keep you centred during a time of transition, be it singing in a choir, or taking long walks”.

“One of the two things I like the most is that Dr. Salsberg Ezrin asks readers to remember how they felt leaving home for the first time, and advises them to recapture that exhilaration and “make sure you are as ambitious as you were” then.
The other was that, when I asked her to come up with another word the previous generation might have used instead of “transition”, she didn’t hesitate: “nervous breakdown”. I liked her most for that.”


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